中考英语词汇模块遐想影象系列 (25~30)!

本文摘要:遐想影象(25)---快慢fast a.快的;迅速的ad.快的;迅速的;精密地rapid a.快的;迅速的make rapid progress取得飞快的进步quick a.快;敏捷的;急速的be quick at learning 学工具快quickly ad. 快地;敏捷地;急速地soon ad.很快地;早how soon 还要多久sooner or later 早晚slow a.逐步的;缓慢的slowly ad.逐步地;缓慢地练一练:I. 完成句子,一空一词:1.Li


遐想影象(25)---快慢fast a.快的;迅速的ad.快的;迅速的;精密地rapid a.快的;迅速的make rapid progress取得飞快的进步quick a.快;敏捷的;急速的be quick at learning 学工具快quickly ad. 快地;敏捷地;急速地soon ad.很快地;早how soon 还要多久sooner or later 早晚slow a.逐步的;缓慢的slowly ad.逐步地;缓慢地练一练:I. 完成句子,一空一词:1.Light travels f_________ than sound.2.______ _____ ______ ( 早晚)you will have to make a decision.II. 单项选择:3.---______ can you be back?--- Half an hour.A. How farB. How soonC. How oftenD. How4.Remember to e-mail me. All of us hope to hear from you _______.A. quicklyB. soonC. fastD. quickKey:1.faster 凭据关键词语than得知是比力级,“光比声音流传的要快”。fast比力级faster。2.sooner or later 牢固搭配,“早晚”的意思。

3.谜底B。凭据答语half an hour得知是有关频率的,how soon意为“多久以后, 还要多久”。

how far是“多远”;how often意为“多长时间一次”;how意为“如何”。4.谜底B。

凭据句意分析得知“所有的人都希望不久就能收到你的来信”。A、C、D都表现速度快,只有soon表现时间。遐想影象(26)---艺术art n. 艺术;美术artist n. 艺术家;画家paint n. 油漆;颜料v. 画;绘draw vt. 画drawer n. 画家picture n. 画;图片handwriting n. 书法singer n. 歌颂演员dancer n. 舞蹈演员wonderful a.奇妙的;精彩的wonderful news 绝好的消息beautiful a.漂亮的;漂亮的a beautiful picture 漂亮的画pretty a. (尤指妇女、儿童等)漂亮的a pretty girl 漂亮的小女人handsome a. (尤指男子)漂亮的;英俊的ugly a. 貌寝的;难看的练一练:I. 完成句子,一空一词:1.Do you know the names of some western a____________.2.A friend of mine sent me _________ ________ (一些图片)of the village this morning.II. 单项选择:3. From my singing you know I have no gift for _____.A. musicB. artistC. concertD. musical4. The ______ news is that they finished the difficult work successfully.A. wonderfulB. beautifulC. handsomeD. uglyKey:1. artists 因为有some,所以它所修饰的可数名词用复数。

2. some pictures 因为picture是可数名词,又是一些,所以要在其后加“s”。3. 谜底A。have no gift for是“没有天赋”的意思,for是介词,后跟名词。前面提到singing,所以用music“音乐”。

4. 谜底A。凭据句意,wonderful可以修饰news,其他三个意思上不合适。

绕口令Bill's big brother is building a beautiful building between two big brick blocks.遐想影象(27)---演出act v. 演出;节目;行为actor n. 男演员actress n. 女演员cinema n. 影戏院go to the cinema 去看影戏film n. 影戏see a film 看影戏movie n.影戏go to the movie 去看影戏theater n. 剧院;戏院director n. 导演 决议者ticket n. 票;车票;入场券a cinema ticket 影戏票action n. 行动;行为activity n. 运动behaviour n. 举止;行为考考你I. 完成句子,一空一词:1. Some of his friends have become famous a_______ .2. His first thought was to buy ________ ______ ______(几张影戏票) for his classmates at once.II. 单项选择:3. Why don’t you make up your mind to ______ at once?A. actB. actsC. actedD. action4. Did you ________ to see the movie yesterday?A. went to the theaterB. went to the movieC. see the filmD. go to the cinema帮帮你1. actors 因为前面是Some of his friends,所以演员用复数。2. several cinema tickets ticket要用复数。

3. 谜底A。由词组make up one’s mind to do something可以选出谜底。4. 谜底D。句首是did,所以后面动词要用原形。

再凭据句意,可以选出D。猜一猜:When you go to the park, cinema or get on the train, people will ask you to show me to them. What am I?谜底:A ticket.遐想影象(28)---戏剧play n.玩;戏剧;演出put on a play 上演一个剧 v. 游玩;打(球)踢(球);演奏;演出role n. 作用;任务;角色to play the role of 饰演…的角色part n.部门;局部;角色;部件play part/role in 起…的作用 a.部门的v. (使)离开;(使)分散show v. 给…看;出示领导;(尤指影戏)放映、演出show sb. around 带某人观光n.演出;(广播、电视)节目;展览a flower show花卉展on show 展出;上演show off 炫耀programme n. 演出节目magic n. 魔术练一练:I. 完成句子,一空一词:1. Which TV station is the ___________ (节目) on?2. Nowadays, computers _______ ______ _________ ________(饰演着重要的角色) in modern life.II. 单项选择:3. We _______ the school by one of the students.A. show aroundB. were shown aroundC. were showing aroundD. are show around4. The photographs are ________ at the museum until October.A. show offB. show aroundC. showD. on showKey:1. programme 凭据分析,电视节目应该为“programme”。

2. play an important role in 牢固搭配,意为 “起重要的作用”。3. 谜底B。

凭据句意,“带某人观光” 的被动语态应为 “be shown around”。4. 谜底D。

本题考察牢固搭配的用法。“on show”意为“展出”。万花筒play a part in起作用play cards 打牌play a trick on作弄play truant逃学show up泛起show one’s face露面,遐想影象(29)---音乐music n. 音乐musician n.音乐家concert n. 音乐会go to the concert 听音乐会drum n.鼓beat the drum敲鼓piano n.钢琴play the piano 弹钢琴guitar n. 吉他violin n.小提琴sing v. 唱;演唱song n. 歌曲sing a song 唱歌dance v.跳舞n.舞蹈练一练:I. 完成句子,一空一词:1.Mozart is a great m________. He wrote many famous pieces of music.2.Let’s ______ ______ ______ ______(去听音乐会)tonight. It’s said that it’s wonderful.II. 单项选择:3. Langlang is a talent to play _______piano.A. a B. an C. the D. /4. At yesterday’s party they ________ happily.A. sing and danceB. sang and dancedC. singed and dancedD. singing and dancingKey:1. 通过题干以及首字母m,得出句意应该是“莫扎特是个伟大的音乐家”,所以该题谜底为musician。

2. go to the concert 意为“听音乐会”。3. 谜底C。

play the piano, 乐器前要加the。4. 谜底B。由于时间状语是yesterday,所以应该用一般已往时。sing 的已往式是sang. dance的已往式直接加-ed。

改错:Tom likes playing the football and his sister likes playing piano.应将句中football前面的the 去掉,在piano前加上the。记着:球类前面不加冠词而乐器前面要加冠词。

遐想影象(30)---欢呼cheer n. 欢呼;喝彩vi.欢呼;喝彩;为…高呼加油cheer up (使)欢欣;(使)振奋clap v. 拍手;拍手clap loudly高声拍手congratulate sb. on sth. 祝贺某人某事encourage vt. 勉励;激励;赞扬encourage sb. to do sth.勉励某人做某事courage n. 勇气;胆子a boy of courage 有胆子的孩子brave adj. 勇敢的;无畏的brave soldiers 勇敢的士兵fear n. 畏惧;恐惧;担忧have a great fear of sth.很是畏惧某物shy a. 畏缩的;胆小的;含羞的afraid a.畏惧;畏惧be afraid of 畏惧…练一练:I. 完成句子,一空一词:1.When they saw us, they waved and c______________.2. My teacher always _________ _______ _______ (勉励我)to study hard and improve my English.II. 单项选择:3. The little girl is very _______ and she doesn’t like to speak in public.A. brave B. shy C. polite D. careful4. ---I haven’t seen Jack for three days. Is he ill?---______ . His mother told me that he was in hospital.A. I am afraid soB. I hope notC. I don’t expectD. I am afraid not.Key:1. cheered cheer 表现“欢呼”,与waved时态保持一致。2. encourages me to 牢固搭配:encourage sb. to do sth.表现“勉励某人做某事”。3. 谜底B。

该题考察词语辨析。凭据句意,这个女孩不喜欢在公然场所说话,所以应该是很“含羞”。4. 谜底A。该题考察上下文明白。

口语中表现肯定的回覆用I am afraid so,否认回覆用I am afraid not,而不是I am not afraid so。译译看---What weather do mice and rats fear?---When it's raining cats and dogs.。